Unreal Banana Peel

Unreal Banana Peel contains 12 kids praise songs based around the theme of Jesus - who He is, what He has done, and what that means for us. They are easily the most ‘singable' songs I have released so far and complete a journey from songs that I sing to kids, to songs that are especially designed for kids to sing together.

Unreal Banana Peel has some of the finest elements of my first two CDs, combined with some exciting new additions. It was recorded again with my long term mate and musical collaborator, Wayne D'Chong. We again drew on the inspired guitar talents of Dave Holmes and called in the kids from St Matt's Church to sing. This time around, we included a horn section and the rich didgeridoo tones of John Dickson!

I really hope you like these new songs and that they find their way into your church, your car, your lounge room, your iPod and most importantly, your brain and heart!